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My other website- http://www.fitfoodieme.com/


Change is the only thing that is constant and in today’s fast changing world our eating habits have evolved to match the pace of life. In the quest to save time, we ignore the calorie count and nutrition supplement that is inevitable for a healthy life. The purpose of my site is to offer some simple recipes enriched with nutrients that can keep you fresh and fit.

I am Bistruti Mishra, a 26 years old freelancer married with 1 kid. Not long after I graduated in Biotechnology I pursued a career in clinical research and learned statistical analysis. I resigned and started freelancing owing to pregnancy, which kept me indoors.

I have been a fitness freak since childhood and spent considerable time in gym and kept a constant watch on calorie intake. But post pregnancy I developed a penchant for delicious cuisines, mostly induced from my foodie hubby.

I always loved cooking but off late it has turned into a hobby as I received accolades for my recipes from family and friends. People not only liked the taste but also appreciated the health quotient I always try to bring in everything I make.


Here you will find recipes from almost all parts of India as I had the opportunity to live in almost all major cities of India and travelled extensively through the country. A special credit to my Mother, Sanjukta, whose recipes I always cherish.!!!!!:):)


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